Trial Rules & Procedures




Trial Rules and Procedures

NKC Rules in Italic


Arkansas State Fox Beagle Association


-The purpose of the Arkansas State Fox Beagle Association is to hold field trials in order to find a complete American Fox Beagle. The Association is made up of multiple clubs in Arkansas.

Secretary will serve as Treasure and hold all funds in one designated account.

- Rules and procedures for hunts are designed to produce a constant running standard of the American Fox Beagle placing in events, much leeway is given to each club hosting a hunt to do in a manner that meets their local needs. All hounds must be NKC registered, hounds can be registered day of the hunt by being inspected by a breed inspector, filling out all paperwork and paying fee to club secretary who will send forms and fee into NKC with trial results. A fee of $2 per dog entered must be sent to NKC with hunt results.

Clubs may hold non NKC sanction hunts, for Puppy/Derby/Fun. Points will not be awarded and clubs may run under rules outside the rules listed above at clubs discretion. But should be advertised prior to hunt.  

-Any club hosting a NKC Sanction Hunt that is associated with ASFBA may only charge an entry fee $10 above what pen owner charges, the additional $10 will be distributed as follows, $5 awarded to hounds in hunt cash or prizes, must be advertised and approved by officer group, $2 NKC, $3 per hound will be used to buy Carhart Jackets and embroidery them with the dogs name, Male or Female Hound of the year, Breeder of the year for each one. Extra money can go toward the other placing hounds in each class Males and Femeles hoodies with their names and where they placed, also door prizes and extra money to also help pay for members meals at the annual banquet.  All to be awarded at annual meeting.  { This is a ASFBA a rule and not a NKC rule so it only effects NKC events associated with ASFBA }

-Any associated ASFBA NKC sanction hunt must offer a minimum $15 speed and drive pot for the hound owner to participate in, it is NOT mandatory the owner participate but it must be offered. Only the owner can purchase the hound buying into the pot. Officer group may wave the $15 in up to two hunts a year if it conflicts with the pen owners requirement.

-Members can purchase up to 5 number for the year only 1 single digit per member by the first hunt, money to be put in general fund.


-All rule changes must be voted on by the membership in person or written proxy, motions for rule changes can be made at any meeting through out the year but may only be voted on for change at annual meeting, ASFBA secretary will develop a list of all rule changes submitted that will be voted on, a list will be sent to each member 30 days before annual meeting, failing to get motions to secretary 45 days before annual meeting will move that motion into the following year.

An ongoing committee to gather information on current NKC rule changes that could help benefit the overall sport as ASFBA sees them, these changes would be voted on at annual meeting and be held until the time all association developed a NKC rule advisory board. At that time ASFBA will submit the information to the National NKC Advisory Board.

All NKC hunts held in State of Arkansas, or hunts hosted by ASFBA members in other states, including the Fox Beagle Nationals, Junior Fox Beagle Nationals, Tri State challenge, will count towards hound of the year and breeder of the year in ASFBA, all NKC hunts held in other stated by other associations will not count towards hound and breeder of the year in ASFBA unless they pay a $25 fee to ASFBA like all ASFBA sanction hunts do. All hunts paying this must be run under NKC and ASFBA rules.  The Fox Beagle Nationals, The Junior Fox Beagle Nationals, Tri State Championship, no matter what State they are held in are not required to pay this fee, these funds are used to host ASFBA annual banquet. Once a trial is approves by officer group, these fee's are to be sent to Associations Treasurer for each trail sanctioned as an ASFBA hunt, this fee may be collected from pen owner or handlers entering hounds in the hunt at who ever is hosting hunt discretion.  ASFBA will sanction no more than 10 hunts per year.  A field committee of ASFBA Officers and and several other members in good standing to decide on pens and set target dates by the end of January each year. The following pens are in good standing , R3H , Lick Skillet, Walter McElroy, Oxford, these or any pen the field trial committee agrees on may be used to host hunts. No one pen will be allowed to have more than 3 ASFBA sanction hunts held in one year.

ASFBA once a year will host a NKC Sanction 2 day hunt, coordinated by the ASFBA officer group, points for this hunt will be double the points received for a 1 day hunt, in reference to ASFBA points only.  


-Each members annual dues will be in the amount of $20 Individual / $30 Family gives 2 voting rights.

-Any person not running in sanction hunts paying membership dues is appreciated but not required, only paid members can vote on rules and procedure changes.

-Membership dues will  be collected at the first sanction hunt a hunter enters hounds in and will be good through the  end of the calendar year.

-The ASFBA will obtain the names, address and phone numbers of all paid members.

-Dues and information will be collected by the ASFBA secretary

-The ASFBA field trial season will begin January 1 and end December 31.


-In order to host a ASFBA field trial, the host must have the hunt approved by the ASFBA officers

-Trial date must be advertised.

-NKC sanction hunts must be a minimum of 3 hours, but may be held for a longer period of time at the discretion of club hosting hunt.

-It will be the responsibility of the hunt host to obtain a master of the hounds, judges, field trial kit and awards for the placing hounds.


ASFBA / NKC trials will open to the public.

-All NKC hunts must be open to public, even if running in a pen which the owner has put a limit on entries. In this instance, a rotating drawing will take place so that all handlers have an equal opportunity to run in the hunt.

-Numbers will be reserved first come first served only one single digit per hunter unless less then 10 hunters.

-Placement of hounds range from 1-15 to in one class hunts or 1-15 male and 1-15 female in two class hunts.

-In two class hunts female numbers will be odd and male numbers will be even. Males and females will be run together and scored together. Then the two classes will be separated out after the hunt.

-No females in season will be allowed to enter a hunt and must be removed from the grounds immediately.


-Master of hounds must conduct a judges meeting covering all rules and procedures prior to the start of the hunt.

-Dogs will be awarded 35 points for 1st place crossing, 30 points 2nd, 25 points 3rd, 20 points 4th, all other hound crossing receive 15 points pack score.

- The game must be seen for a crossing to count. Dogs being scored must be with in a reasonable distance of line { 15 feet } This will ultimately be left up to the discretion of judge scoring the crossing. 

-Any dog that can not be identified at crossing will not be scored, an X will be placed on judges book for identifying the dog in its position at the crossing and all other dogs at crossing will be scored in their respective places.

Example: First place dog can not be read and second place was dog #64.

Book will read as follows: 1st X { No Points }

                                             2nd #64 { 30 Points }

- Dogs can be scratched for loafing at the discretion of one judge. Dogs can also be scratched for babbling and backtracking at the discretion of two or more judges.

-All scores will be counted-no time kick out.

-Ties will be broke by 1st place crossing.

-Hounds running alone will be awarded 20 points.

-Hounds will be scored on fox, coyote and deer only.

-Hounds may not be eliminated for running rabbits but they must not be scored on rabbit.

-As a last resort, if hunters/handlers with hounds entered into the hunt should be needed to judge, they must be grouped in parties of three. All three members of the party must observe and agree on the crossing they score.


-Hounds must be NKC registered at NKC sanction hunts.


-Measuring may take place before hunt measuring all hounds or after hunt only measuring placing hounds, in any event placing hounds hounds must meet standard outlined below.

-Once a hound reaches 16 month or older it may be measured at a NKC sanction hunt, if hound measures in it will receive a Permanent measurement card and will not be required to be measured at any NKC sanction hunt. Under 16 months of age must be measured at every hunt.

- Dogs will be measured in a normal relax posture on flat ground or best available surface. They will not be posed in show stance or with legs stretched out. Front legs must be vertical. Back legs may be slightly pointed backwards. Dogs will be measured behind shoulder bladed with a 17 1/4 inch measuring stand, stand must be made of steel or aluminum with a blade 1/4 inch or less in thickness that lays across dogs back.

- The back of the dog may touch stand but not lift off ground, once hound has reached proper posture.

-Measuring committee consist of three host trial club assigned members. Two of the three members must be in agreement for the hound to measure in. Upon the absence of of measuring committee members, club officers may fill in at that specific hunt.

-Just because a breed inspector has inspected and signed off on a hound meeting American Fox Beagle Standard does not make them eligible to run in hunts with out being measured.

ASFBA best practice related to measuring hounds. These statements do not supercede any NKC rule. Owners may stand their own hound for measurement but must request to do so, if a dogs natural stance is standing tight footed and proud that is how he should be measured. At no time should any person { Including Owner } measure the hound pushing down head or back in attempt to make dog stoop, slump, or squat. The measuring divice must be handled in a way as not to have a dog flinch or dodge. If a dog is shy and will not stand to be measured then a standard of holding dog under head / neck and between back legs until front legs are vertical and properly touching the ground, then place the measuring device over the the hound at that time for proper measurement of that particular hound.The measurement device is to be placed over hound after each member of group agrees hound has reached proper posture. { Or at least as close as possible } The measuring device is to be placed behind dogs shoulder blades in a manner to properly measure and not spook hound. While handling hounds during measurement , they should be lead or carried to the point of measuring and never shall the hound be mistreated or rough housed. If you bring your hound to be measured and you slam your hound on the ground or mistreat your dog on leash or rough house in any manner that hound will be disqualified from measuring and put in the box with out return of entry fee.   


-Field Champion  { 90 Points 1 win }

-Grand Field Champion { 135 Points 2 wins }

-Points will be awarded as so: 15 points for 1st down to 1 point for 15th place. 

-All NKC Sanction hunts and Fox Beagle Nationals will receive FC / GFC points.

-Association points / hound titles will be grand fathered in as association start hosting NKC hunts.


-Any member of the ASFBA can be brought in front of the membership for poor sportsmanship and have his or her membership revoked by a majority vote.

-Membership can be revoked for any of the following examples:

Abuse of alcohol or drugs

Excessive vulgar language.

Attempting to tamper with another hunters hounds.

Trying to influence field or bench judges.